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List of 2013 Winners
(Publication date 25-Mar-2013, Reads: 7945) Print all Print current page

Homebrew Club of the Year

North Texas Homebrewers Association

Homebrewer of the Year

David Rogers

FOAM Rangers Homebrew Club

Homebrew Team of the Year

Jeff Poirot & Thomas Anderson

Horsemen of the Hopocalypse

Best of Show

1st Place Beer

Lee Friske

Basin Brewers Homebrew Club

American IPA

2nd Place Beer

John Elkins

High Plains Daughters

American Barleywine

3rd Place Beer

Mike Chanler

Malt Munching Mas Monsters

Cream Ale


Jeff Reilly

Foam Rangers Homebrew Club

Traditional Mead

Mueller-Brown Quality Award

Bay Area Mashtonauts

Category Winners

1. Light Lager - Total Entries: 44
David Johnson Yeastiewood Lager #114 Plastic Yeastie Boys
Michael Chanler Black-eyed Griffin Malt Munching Mash Monsters
David Johnson Yeastiewood Lager #114 Glass Yeastie Boys
2. Pilsner - Total Entries: 47
Shawn Scott Chodsko Pivo Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers
David Rogers German Pilz Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
Jeff Pieper Edmonds Pilsner Malt Munching Mash Monsters
3. European Amber Lager - Total Entries: 39
Lee Pelfrey Oktoberfest North Texas Homebrewers Association
Brian Schoolcraft Taste of Bavaria Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
Mike Sorrels Where's Johns Pants!!! Texoma Area Brewing Club
4. Dark Lager - Total Entries: 25
Matt Morriss Durkadunkel Horsemen of the Hopocalypse
Jeff Oberlin King Richard Tribute Bay Area Mashtronauts
Brian Schookcraft OktoDunkelnator Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
5. Bock - Total Entries: 41
Karl King Three Kings Eisbock Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
Wayne Odom Tradional Bock Brasseurs a la Maison
John Brown, Father Garrin Dickenson Doppleganger Independent
6. Light Hybrid Beer - Total Entries: 50
Michael Chanler Dick's Pick Malt Munching Mash Monsters
Justin Janish, Phil Richbourg Blonderbuss Independent
Brian Neu The Blonde Bomber Red River Brewers
7. Kolsch - Total Entries: 18
Walter Hodges Bobcat Claw North Texas Homebrewers Association
David Rogers Not a Kolsh Foam Ragners Homebrew Club
Don Vanslyke It's a Kolschural Thing North Texas Homebrewers Association
8. Amber Hybrid Beer - Total Entries: 38
David Johnson, William Jones Cal Common Yeastie Boys
Micah Spears CTRL-ALT-DRINK Austin Zealots
Greg Etzel Duss Alt Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
9. English Pale Ale - Total Entries: 22
Jenna Higgins Ode to Petey North Texas Hombrewers Association
Scott Fertak El Bitter Foam Rangers Homebrew Clubb
Noel Hart Sir Christopher the Special Foam Ranger Homebrew Club
10. Extra Special/Strong Bitter - Total Entries: 22
Hank Keller London Calling ESB Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
Dave Dixon Dreaded ESB NKY Homebrewers Guild
Dwight Mucahy ESB Bexar Brewers
11. Scottish and Irish Ale - Total Entries: 47
Julie Bennett, Jesica Tielli Eire Deo Red Earth Brewers
Jeff Oberlin Scottish Tea Bay Area Mashtronauts
Jeremy Saye Cathouse Red Malt Munching Mash Monsters
12. Strong Scotch Ale - Total Entries: 13
Keith Bradley, Pam Bradley McLuvin Austin Zealots
Karl King We Smoked A Little Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
Brandon Carr, Royce Curtis Jonny Dees Wee Big Country Homebrewers Association
13. American Pale Ale - Total Entries: 54
John Hearn Hop Diggity Dog Bay Area Mashtronauts
Jeff Oberlin Pale Face Pale Ale Bay Area Mashtronauts
Colin Alsheimer 62 Truck American Pale Ale Dallas Homebrew Collective
14. American Amber Ale - Total Entries: 26
Mark Grimes Amber Ale Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
Jeremy Daugherty American Amber Knights of the Brown Bottle
Dave Darity, Michele Darity Keep Pluckin that Chicken Beer Mafia!
15. American Brown Ale - Total Entries: 30
Chad Roberts Big Brown Dallas Homebrew Collective
Thomas Anderson Brown Beer Brown Beer What do you see? Horsemen of the Hopocalypse
Chris Shafer American Brown Basin Brewers Homebrew Club
16. English Brown Ale - Total Entries: 44
Bob Kapusinski Wimpy Texas Carboys
Shane Butner, Layla Cowper Nut Brown Ale Yeastie Boys
William James, Tim McGrath English Mild North Texas Homebrewers Association
17. Brown and Baltic Porter - Total Entries: 40
Aaron Pachlhofer Las Comitas porter Basin Brewers Homebrew Club
David Johnson Brown Porter Yeastie Boys
Jeff Hilland Bell Boy Texas Carboys
18. Robust Porter - Total Entries: 38
Dave Dixon Dreaded Son of Gold Porter NKY Homebrewers Guild
Jed Reinhard Velvet Porter River Valley Ale Raisers
Leroy Gharis Sidney Portier North Texas Homebrewers Association
19. Dry Stout - Total Entries: 20
Barrett Tillman BlackmanBrew North Texas Homebrewers Association
Brandon Jones Luckys Stout Red Earth Brewers
Dave Darity, Michele Darity Keep Pluckin That Chicken Beer Mafia!
20. Sweet/Oatmeal Stout - Total Entries: 38
Chad Roberts Choc Sweet Stout Dallas Homebrew Collective
Dave Darity, Michele Darity Keep Pluckin That Chicken Beer Mafia!
Jacob Keyes, Zachary Loveall Genesis Oatmeal Stout Red Earth Brewers
21. Strong Stout - Total Entries: 29
Kyle LaPointe, Ryan Hague Irish I Ruz American Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
Danny Kocurek, Jim Robinson American Stout Knights of the Brown Bottle
Jeff Reilly Czar Obama Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
22. Imperial Stout - Total Entries: 41
Josh Mercer, Shawn Mason Sweet Rocket Fuel Imperial Milk Stout Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
Justin Sowers Justin Sowers Imperial Stout Yeastie Boys
Natham Harms Night Night Delta Brewers
23. English IPA - Total Entries: 17
William Lawrence Willys English Export Necter North Texas Homebrewers Association
David Rogers English IPA-A Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
Dave Dixon Dreaded EIPA NKY Homebrewers Guild
24. American IPA - Total Entries: 60
Lee Friske Hop Lord Basin Brewers Homebrew Club
David Ireland, Lee Pelfrey American Damnit North Texas Homebrewers Association
Craig Hendry Big DIPA Independent
25. Imperial IPA - Total Entries: 30
Bob Kapusinski Piney the Welder Texas Carboys
Bev Blackwood California Dreamin Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
Tom Bradley Rumination Big Country Homebrewers Association
26. German Wheat & Rye Beer - Total Entries: 41
Walter Hodges RyeNot North Texas Homebrewers Association
John Windlow Weiss-enheimer Texoma Area Brewing Club
Kenneth Aucoin Hef Hefeweizen Bay Area Mashtronauts
27. Belgian Wit and Farmhouse Ales - Total Entries: 45
Girthy Fidd Girthy Wit Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
Henrik Engert The Syndicate Texas Carboys
Justin Janish Wit Beyond Measure is Mans Greatest Treasure Independent
28. Belgian Pale And Specialty Ales - Total Entries: 28
Johnnie Latham Golden Honey Strong Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
Jeff Poirot, Thomas Anderson Big Honkin Saison Horsemen of the Hopocalypse
John Mosher A Bit of a Belgian Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
29. Sour Ale - Total Entries: 28
Mark Peterson Berline Austin Zealots
Melinda Beyer, Kim Rhea Not Straight Laces North Texas Homebrewers Association
David Rogers Flanders! Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
30. Belgian Strong Light Ale - Total Entries: 46
Mike Haws Blond Quaker Knights of the Brown Bottle
Brian Winter, Derek Zuckerman Glencrest Tripel Independent
Michael Chanler Smells Like Daveys Dorm Bed Malt Munching Mash Monsters
31. Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Total Entries: 25
Peter Polczynski Furness Abbey Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers
William Lawrence Father Williys Alter Boy Violation North Texas Homebrewers Association
Michael Chanler Titrate to Ramsey of 3 Malt Munching Mash Monsters
32. English Old Ale & Barleywine - Total Entries: 25
Thomas Anderson, Jeff Poirot Bubble And Squeek Horsemen Of The Hopocalypse
Karl King Three Kings Barley Wine Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
Kyle Mackay, Megan Mackay Houtie Toutie English Barleywine Red River Brewers
33. American Barleywine - Total Entries: 24
John Elkins Old Grizzly High Plains Draughters
Dwight Mulcahy GrainBooze Bexar Brewers
Wayne Odom Harley of Barley Brasseurs a la Maison
34. Fruit Beer - Total Entries: 33
HMark Peterson Perzik Austin Zealots
John Hearn And The Crowd Goes Ahhhh Bay Area Mashtronauts
Daniel Ironside Apricot Wheat Austin Zealots
35. Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer - Total Entries: 69
William Neumann Dark Jajapeno Wit North Texas Homebrewers Association
Marc Bernard Closet Cuddler Kuykendahl Gran Brewers
Wyatt Shanks Revolution #32 Texas Carboys
36. Smoke Flavored Beer - Total Entries: 28
Mark Schoppe Marks Imperial Rauchbier V Austin Zealots
Justin Hartman The Chase (is better than the catch) Red River Brewers
Thomas Anderson This is my Smoking Boomstick! Horsemen of the Hopocalypse
37. Wood Aged Beer - Total Entries: 35
Joseph Johnson Scottish Oak Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
David Rogers Whiskey Barrel Imperial Stout Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
Kyle Podolanko, Darrell Nadvit Big Brown Bear Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
38. Specialty Beer - Total Entries: 53
Brian Stevenson Petit Frenchie Austin Zealots
Keith Shelton, Linda Shelton C3IO Stout Independent
Greg Etzel Imperial Almond Joy Sweet Stout Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
39. Traditional Mead - Total Entries: 23
Jeff Reilly I Regularly Beat My Mesquite Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
Shaun Hunter Sweetly Restored Knights of the Brown Bottle
Mike Haws August Orange Sweetness Knights of the Brown Bottle
40. Melomel - Total Entries: 19
Mark Schoppe Marks Strawberry Melomel Austin Zealots
Richard Harris Mamas Hot Cherry North Texas Homebrewers Association
Scott Townson Hone You're a Tart North Texas Homebrewers Association
41. Metheglin & Other Mead - Total Entries: 21
Charles Walker, Jennifer Walker ShooBee North Texas Homebrewers Association
William Windlow Pumpkin Pie Texoma Area Brewing Club
Burt Renard Golden Nectar Mead High Plains Draughters
42. Standard Cider & Perry - Total Entries: 20
Bart Hines Bella Cider Knights of the Brown Bottle
Cindy Oberlin Thirsty Huskies Bay Area Mashtrounauts
William Windlow Really Not That Hard Cider Texoma Area Brewing Club
43. Specialty Cider & Perry - Total Entries: 14
Bobby Fleshman Southern Charm Yeastie Boys
Cindy Oberlin Pink Elephant Bay Area Mashtronauts
Cindy Oberlin The Angry Tiger Bay Area Mashtronauts
44. New Entrants - Total Entries: 31
Zach Petty ZP Oatmeal Stout Independent
Glenn Giddens Bitter Black Bitch Independent
Danny Kocurek Imperial Stout Knights of the Brown Bottle

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